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Why isn’t my Wifi mileage tracker uploading?

Every now and then a Wifi device will stop uploading for one reason or another.  There can be a bunch of reasons why, but here is a very easy process to follow to either identify where the problem is, or send us your device’s upload log so we can look and figure out what’s going on.

Disconnect Device and Close Setup Page

Before starting, make sure all the open tabs or windows in your browser are closed from the Setup page.  This is important because you only want one browser tab connected to the device, which you will open by clicking the link in the next step.

It also helps to disconnect your Mileage Ace device so it turns off and shut down the Mileage Ace Device Link application if it’s open (the one with the green window).

Connect To Your Computer

  1. Click this link to visit the setup page (adds extra buttons):  https://www.mileage-ace.com/setup?sendError=true
  2. Click Launch when asked
  3. Connect your device when asked. The browser page should change over to show the device info and the networks that are loaded on it.
  4. Be sure your network is listed on the right side and verify the password is correct!

Watch the Middle Light

This is the light with the wifi antenna icon near it.  It should be an Amber color at first – this means it’s looking for your wifi network.  If you wait for several seconds that light will either begin to flash Blue and Green or it will shut off. (info on Mileage Ace Wifi light colors)

If it flashes Blue and Green
…then the tracker is linked to your wifi network and is uploading the trips!  You are all set – just hang out until that middle light shuts off again and put the tracker back in the car.  Your work is done and you can hang tight and the trips will come in shortly!

If it turns Orange then shuts off
…it’s either not finding the network or it’s unable to connect.  Please proceed below.

Is your password correct?

Make sure your network is loaded in the list on the right and that the password is correct this is by far the most common problem!

password for network

If that info is not correct, just remove the network by clicking the trashcan icon and re-add it with the correct info.  Now disconnect your Mileage Ace and watch the middle light again.  If it turns Orange then begin to flash Blue and Green it’s working great and you are all done! 

If it doesn’t turn Blue and Green, keep reading…

My password is correct

In this case, wait until the middle light on your device has turned off.  Then click the red box that says SEND DEVICE LOG TO SUPPORT.

Send device log to support

This will send us the entire log of your upload so we can see where the problem is occurring.If you do send the log, our support team will look into things and get back to you as quickly as possible with some ideas on how to fix the problem.

Other things to check

Check our other article regarding Troubleshooting wifi connections.

Updated on January 26, 2018

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