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Trouble connecting to my WiFi network

If you are having trouble getting the Mileage Ace to connect to your WiFi network, there are a few quick things to check which might fix the problem immediately.

Network security is required

Mileage Ace must use WPA security or newer.

Using a non-secure network (no password)?

Mileage Ace needs to connect to a network using at least WPA security. This is because some of our customers are government employees and we have to guarantee their data is secure.

If your network is not configured to use security, or you use WEP security, see our article on using a guest network for Mileage Ace.

Check your password’s spelling

newtork-password-highlightBe sure your password is spelled exactly right.  It’s surprisingly easy to mis-type a password!

Try your phone’s hotspot

It’s helpful to identify if the issue is with the Mileage Ace, or your network. Hotspots don’t have the complex firewall software that can block connections the way a router can.  If Mileage Ace works with your phone’s hotspot then something with your main network is not allowing the Mileage Ace through.

Simply add your phone’s hotspot to the network list, turn your phone’s hotpot on, and see if your Mileage Ace will connect.

Finicky Hotspots

You may need to turn your hotspot off then back on again for it to work. Sometimes phones don’t actually turn the hotspot on, even when they say it’s on.

Restart your router

Some routers automatically have firewall settings running on them. Sometimes this can block your Mileage Ace from connecting. If you restart your router, this blocked list will reset and your Mileage Ace should be able to connect.

Disable MAC address filtering

If you have MAC address filtering setup on your network, you will either need to disable this to allow the Mileage Ace to connect, or you will need to add your Mileage Ace’s MAC address to this list.

Your MAC address is shown at the top right in the setup page when you connect your device.

Updated on October 18, 2016

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