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Original Wifi Mileage Tracker – What do the lights mean?

Mileage Ace Wifi Original only

If you have a Mileage Ace Pro please see your setup manual for info.

Ever wonder what all those different colored lights on your Mileage Ace mean? First, let’s identify the names of these different lights:

Mileage Ace Light Diagram

The Business Button

The purpose of this light is to tell you if you are being tracked and also if you are in business mode.  

Tracking Status Colors

The GPS colors will tell you whether you are being tracked or not.  This light will either be one of these colors, or flashing between blue and one of these colors (see Business Mode Color below).

  • GREEN:  It’s tracking you (good GPS signal)
  • RED:  It’s not tracking you (acquiring GPS signal)
  • ORANGE:  Same as red, but your mileage tracker has a low battery and should be allowed to charge for an hour or two when you are done driving.   You will rarely, if ever, see this.

In normal use you will see Red right when the device turns on or if you are inside.  Otherwise you will see Green.

Business Mode Color

If this light is blinking blue, business mode is ON.  That is the only time it will blink blue, otherwise it will be one of the tracking colors.

What is business mode?

To read about using business mode, please visit see how to use business mode on our mileage tracker.

Wifi Upload Status

You can just watch this light instead of running the Test Upload process to verify that your device is uploading.

This light will be off almost all the time  because the device only uses Wifi right after the car has turned on, or right after the car has turned off.

In a normal upload, your the wifi light on the mileage tracker will display the following sequence of colors:

  1. ORANGE: Searching for a known Wifi network.  This would be any network that you have added using the setup page.
    If it turns off after this

    If it turns of rather quickly, the device did not find a network that it recognizes. If it stays orange for 30 seconds or longer, it did find a network but was unable to connect.

  2. BLUE: The device is connected to the Mileage Ace server and is uploading a batch of trips.
  3. GREEN: The upload was successful.
    Repeating Blue to Green

    Your device just has a lot of trips to send. Don’t worry, this is a good thing!

  4. RED (this is rare):  No trip data has been lost, but it was not successfully sent to your account on the Mileage Ace server.  You may occasionally see this but if it continues, please contact support.

Device Power Status

This light is quite simple:

  • GREEN: Getting power from USB
  • ORANGE:  Turning off (no power from USB)
Seeing orange when it should be green?

Check your USB cable! You may have a damaged cable that isn’t properly mating with the USB port of the Mileage Ace. If you get this problem with several cables, please contact support to arrange for a warranty.


Updated on October 12, 2018

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