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Test Fails on “Connecting To Mileage Ace Server”

When running the Test Upload process if your upload fails on the step that says “Connecting to Mileage Ace Server”, there are a few things that this could be.

Using a Wifi Network?

If you are using a standard wifi network (not a cellular data network), usually this problem has something to do with the network setup at your location.  We typically see this at businesses where a tech has put a firewall in place.

Open IP Address Responses From Our Server

Your Mileage Ace mileage tracker needs to communicate directly with our web server.  If your router has a firewall other security measure to limit traffic, please open a connection to the following address:

IP Address

Ports  80, 443

Try A Little Later

It’s possible that your internet service provider is running slow at the time, or the Mileage Ace server is receiving an unusually high number of connections.  If you wait for an hour or two then try again, things should work.

Using A Hotspot?

If you are going through a cellular data network, this error is often one that has to do with data connection latency.  Often you don’t need to do anything – just try uploading again a few hours later.

We have seen times where customers needed wait a day or two before uploading through the data network works again.


If you have tried the above and the mileage tracker simply cannot connect, please reach out to our support team and we will look into your specific situation with you to try and determine what could be causing the problem.

Updated on February 9, 2017

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