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iPhone hotspot not found by the mileage tracker

For Mileage Ace Wifi

If you have a Mileage Ace Pro please see your setup manual for info.

Mileage Ace works great with iPhone hotspots – but there is one common point of frustration that actually has nothing to do with the Mileage Ace:  iPhone’s say the hotspot is on when it actually is not.

iPhone hotspot saying it is on, but it is not. No computer or device is seeing this network.


Making the hotspot actually turn on

Here’s the most foolproof way to turn it on:

  1. Turn your Personal Hotspot OFF
  2. Leave Wifi ON
  3. Turn your phone completely off (shut it down)
  4. Turn the phone back on
  5. Turn Personal Hostpot ON
  6. Do not navigate away from the personal hotspot page
  7. Now refresh the networks on your device – it should find the hotspot and you can add it then test the connection to it.

Your phone will show a connection when it works

When your mileage tracker connects to the phone, it will show one connection in a small blue window at the top of the screen.

If your phone isn’t showing a connection, your hotspot is probably not on and you’ll need to run the above steps to get it to work.

This is an iPhone problem

This frustrating problem has nothing to do with Mileage Ace. We highly recommend you report this problem to Apple. When enough problems are reported, maybe they will do something about it.


Updated on November 5, 2017

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