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How to fix USB device not recognized

Mileage Ace Wifi Only

If you have a Mileage Ace Pro at this time you don’t need to be connecting it to the computer for any reason unless we provide you with a specific application.

When a device is connected to a Windows computer and it can’t find a driver for that device, you will see a message saying “Unknown USB Device”.  You may also want to take a look at Computer not recognizing the mileage tracker.

You are prompted to install the Mileage Ace Device Link software when you visit the Wifi Device Setup page.  This software installs the driver for Mileage Ace Wifi.

Try A Different USB Port

Windows keeps an internal history of devices connected to each USB port.  When something is connected and an error occurs, it can keep happening even if the driver is now correct because of this history.   Using a different USB port often fixes this issue.

Disconnect + Reconnect

Try the following first to see if it’s just a bad reading of the device info:

  1. Let the device turn all the way off (no lights)
  2. Plug your Mileage Ace Wifi into the computer
  3. As soon as the lights turn on, quickly unplug it and plug it right back in.  The computer should load the driver.

This usually fixes the issue, but if it doesn’t then there’s a legitimate driver connection problem.

Install the driver manually

With your device connected to the computer, enter cmd.exe in the Windows search/run bar (how to) and choose the Command Prompt application.  A black window will appear.

Now, enter the following command:

pnputil -i -a “c:\Program Files (x86)\Mileage Ace\driver”

A window will open asking for permission to install the driver, click the option agreeing to install it. It can take several seconds to complete, but when it completes it will show how many drivers were installed (it should say 1, but sometimes that will say zero and it still has worked).

Wait for about 30 seconds, then disconnect your Mileage Ace Wifi from the computer and let it turn all the way off.  Now plug it back in – you shouldn’t see the Unknown USB Device error anymore, but you may see a window saying “Installing your new device”, which should eventually turn to say “Mileage Ace installed on…”.

This means the driver is correctly installed now and you can use the Mileage Ace Device Link application to update your wifi networks.

Didn't Work?

Send an email to support@mileage-ace.com letting us know you tried everything this help article mentions and it still isn’t working. We can link up with you and look into the specific issue happening on your computer.

Updated on December 27, 2017

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