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Wifi Uploading Problems? How to send us the upload log

Mileage Ace WIFI Only

If you are having problems uploading your Mileage Ace Wifi device, please follow these simple steps to send your connection log to our support team.  We will respond promptly with what we find as the connection problem.

  1. Close all open browser windows and tabs to the Setup Page in your account.
  2. Disconnect your Mileage Ace device and let all the lights turn off.
  3. Click this link to open the setup page (it adds extra buttons).
  4. Click Launch when asked.
  5. Connect your device when asked and wait for the network info to appear.
  6. Make sure your network is in the list on the right and the password is correct.
    Network info missing or incorrect?

    Please add the correct info and start over from Step 1.

  7. Wait at least 60 seconds (don’t do anything, just let the device do it’s thing)
  8. Click the big red button that says SEND DEVICE LOG TO SUPPORT
    Send device log to support
Updated on April 13, 2018

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