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Using hidden or unsecured networks

Wondering how to use Mileage Ace if your main network is hidden or does not use a password?  A good solution is to create a guest network.

Original Mileage Ace Wifi requires... (not Model 2)

A network that is broadcasting its name and uses at least WPA security.

Creating A Guest Network

Guest networks are great because they allow devices to use your internet service, but they don’t allow access to your main network.  It’s a good option for using the Mileage Ace, but also nice in general for allowing anyone who comes over to use the internet without putting your network at risk.

Setting up a guest network is quite easy, but the process is different for each router.  The links below will send you to Google searches which provide useful results for your router.

Add your router model to these links

The links below will work for most routers, but yours may be a little different. If you add your router model (located on the bottom of your router) to the search results it will get you the correct info.

Updated on July 24, 2018

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