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My mileage tracker stopped uploading

For Mileage Ace Wifi

If you have a Mileage Ace Pro please see your setup manual for info.

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There is another article on this subject that can also be helpful: Why isn’t my Wifi mileage tracker uploading? 

This article walks you through the normal steps to determine why your Mileage Ace has not uploaded, and how to get it working again.

If you have never had your device upload, please see our article on troubleshooting your network connection.

Don't freak out!

The Mileage Ace mileage tracker can store logs for at least 50 hours of drive time, which is a month or more for most people.

Bring the Mileage Ace inside

The most common reason a Mileage Ace hasn’t uploaded is simply that it can’t see your wifi network from where the car parks. The following will get the trips uploaded if this is the problem:

Avoid connecting to the computer in this step

When you connect to the computer, the Device Link application will automatically launch and tell the device not to upload any trips.

  1. Connect your device to some form of USB power in your house.  This can be a phone charger, etc…
  2. Watch the middle light on the device.  A successful upload will follow this sequence:
    1. Amber: the device is searching for your network.
    2. Blue/Green: the device is uploading trips.
    3. Full Green: the upload is complete.
  3. If you saw the middle light turn green, your trips are uploaded.  Put the device back in the car and you are all set.

If the middle light turned Amber then Off, the device either did not find your network or it is unable to connect.  In this case, continue reading below.

Verify your network info is correct

Make sure your Mileage Ace has the correct network name and password info for your router.

  1. Visit the mileage tracker setup page and connect your device when asked.
    Please Log A Trip?

    If a message appears on the left side saying to please log a trip, your device probably just upload everything.

  2. Look at the list of Networks On This Device.
  3. Verify the network name you want to use is spelled correctly.
  4. Verify the password is correct.

Test uploading on the setup page

Once you have verified your network info is correct, you now want to test uploading trips through that network.

  1. Click the yellow TEST button next to your network.
  2. Follow the instructions to run the test.
  3. If the test fails a dialog box will pop up explaining why.  You may click the link at the bottom that says SEND DEVICE LOG TO SUPPORT.

The upload log will get sent to our support team.  We will respond as quickly as possible with information as to why the upload may be failing.

Updated on November 5, 2017

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