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Device is not turning on

Is your mileage tracker not turning on when its connected to USB power?  Let’s address the possible causes below.

Use a new USB cable

Micro USB cables can get damaged and cause the device not to work.  If you jiggle the cable around and the device turns on, you probably have a bad USB cable.  If it does not turn on…

Try a new USB cable.  Any Micro USB cable will work, but they are not all the same size and some will fit better than others.  Make sure your new cable fits snugly in the USB jack on your Mileage Ace.

If replacing the cable still does not work…

Charge the mileage tracker

If there was a loose USB connection, your device has probably been turning on briefly then running on battery power while it shuts back down.  When this happens repeatedly it drains the battery so low that the device can’t turn back on.

After trying a new USB cable you may need to leave the device connected to power for an hour or two and let the battery charge back up.  We recommend using a wall charger, not the charger in your car.

If your mileage tracker has not turned on...

You may need to disconnect it from power for a few minutes. You can then plug it back in and it should turn back on.

Still not working?

If the device does not turn back on after the above steps, the internal battery or possibly the USB jack may have been damaged and needs to be replaced.  Please contact support to arrange for a warranty on your device.

Updated on October 24, 2016

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