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Computer not recognizing the mileage tracker

If your mileage tracker is connected but the setup page is asking to connect your Mileage Ace, there are a few things that can normally cause this problem.  You may also want to read How to fix USB Device not recognized.


Use a different USB port

Often just changing the port that you are connecting to will fix the issue.

Don't use a USB hub

USB hubs can affect the registration of Mileage Ace with your computer. Be sure you are using one of the computer’s ports.

Use a different USB cable

USB cables go bad all the time and when this happens it can cause a lot of frustration for no good reason.

Any Micro USB cable should work but be aware that they are not all the same size.  Some cables will be loose in the USB jack and jiggle around causing power and connection problems.

Beware of power-only cables

Some USB cables only provide power and will not perform any data transmission.

Re-install the driver

You can re-install the Mileage Ace driver by doing the following:

  1. Go to c:\Program Files (x86)\Mileage Ace\driver
  2. Right-click on mdiserial.inf
  3. Select Install from the popup menu.

This will re-install the driver for you.  It may immediately recognize the device, or you may need to reboot the system for the device to be recognized.

Disconnect & Reconnect

This step only applies to Windows users.

Some Windows USB port hardware can mis-report the Mileage Ace’s information initially, causing the device to be unrecognized.  The Device Link software tries to detect this and fix the problem, but some computers need a physical reset.

Here’s what to try:

  1. Disconnect the mileage tracker from the computer.
  2. Allow it to turn completely off.
  3. Reconnect the device.
  4. As soon as the lights come on, quickly unplug the device then immediately plug it right back in.

If the computer recognizes the device now, you may need to repeat this process each time you connect the device.

Updated on December 27, 2017

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