Simple, affordable pricing.

Mileage Ace pays for itself in just one mile each day!

At only $0.49/day, our gps tracker price is affordable and simple. You pay the flat fee on a monthly basis and receive every feature we offer. When we add more tools or reporting details, you get to use them too!



Select your mileage tracking devices.

Each mileage tracker costs $29.99 (Wifi) or $59.89 (Pro) and is 100% refundable for 30 days from the order date.


Choose your account type.

Our mileage tracking service can be paid monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually. The larger the increment, the more you will save.

We offer two types of accounts.

Standard Accounts

$0.49/day per tracker paid monthly at 15.49 per month.
Discounts for paying in larger increments. Visit purchase page to see options.

Standard accounts work for everyone except companies who will be tracking employees. You get unlimited mileage, unlimited access, and unlimited reports. You also have access to every mileage log detail we offer and the GPS path for every trip our mileage tracker logs is visible on an interactive Google map.

Mileage Ace Pro devices require an additional fee of $0.19/day for cellular data.

Company Accounts

Standard Account pricing for each tracker
Plus 12.49/mo additional flat monthly fee for the account.
Paid per business account, not per tracker. Employee accounts are free.

All the benefits of a Standard Account, with some tweaks designed for employee mileage reimbursement. Company Accounts are very similar to standard accounts but with a few extra features.

  • Employee's personal trips are hidden from the company.
  • A free account can be created for each employee to access and manage his/her own log.
  • Additional accountability tools are included.

No contract is required. You pay for whatever service period makes sense for you, with no obligation to continue thereafter.

We provide everything you need.

Mileage Ace mileage tracker, Dual Port Car Charger, Micro USB cable.

Each package comes complete with a Mileage Ace device plus a high end Dual-Port USB Car Charger and a Micro USB Cable.

Take comfort in your choice of mileage tracker.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We understand that sometimes things don’t work out. This is why we offer a full no-questions asked refund for 30 days after your purchase, minus shipping.

Lifetime Warranty

While it’s rare, sometimes electronics have problems through no fault of your own. That’s why, if you are using our mileage tracker then we warranty it for its lifetime.

Support USA Jobs & Manufacturing

Each Mileage Ace is manufactured and assembled near Seattle. Your money stays in the USA and supports small business and good jobs. Check out why Mileage Ace is a mileage tracker to take pride in.

Start Using America’s Most Accurate Mileage Tracker

Only $0.49/day!