Which Mileage Ace is best for you?



Our experience

Mileage Ace Pro is our recommended product for businesses, and is also very popular for individuals because setup is so easy. We especially recommend it if you aren't very tech savvy or are looking for something totally hands-off.

However, our newly released Mileage Ace Wifi Model 2 also utilizes the newest technology and is a very effective vehicle GPS tracking device without the extra cost of the Pro.

How would you like your data uploaded?


Uploads when in WiFi range or over a USB cable connection.



You can save some money since there's no additional cell data fee for data transmission.

Wifi Model 2 eliminates many cons from the previous model.


Setup. You have to setup the mileage tracker to connect to your network, then maintain this whenever wifi info changes.

Consequences for not uploading. When the mileage tracker can't upload it stores trips in memory until the Wifi info is updated or uploaded over USB.

While years of trips can be stored in the mileage tracker's memory, it isn't safe until those trips are uploaded into our server for processing.


Uploads whenever it needs to. No interaction required.

A dedicated cell connection means you don't ever need to worry about data management.


Your mileage logs are always up to date and there's little risk of data loss.

Real time vehicle tracking can be enabled to locate where a vehicle is "right now".


Currently only available in the US (Canada coming). Some areas in the US are not available (very few). Contact us with questions.

Additional monthly fee for the cellular data.

Unique to Mileage Ace Pro


Locate your vehicle right now.

Only Mileage Ace Pro can double as a real time vehicle tracker. Businesses can now get highly accurate mileage logs and simultanously locate employees at any given time.

More about real time vehicle tracking.

Now Available On Both Models


End trips while on-the-go.

We've incorporated feedback from customers and added handy functions to the side buttons.


UPPER BUTTON End Current Trip

Sometimes you need to mark the end of a trip even though the car isn't stopped. Just press this button and a new trip is instantly created.



The lights can be a little bright if you do your driving at night. Cycle through three brightness settings by pressing this button.


Both mileage trackers use rapid-capture GPS

It doesn't matter which device you choose, both will capture mileage logs over 99% accurate to your odometer.

Compare that to popular mileage tracking apps which are barely 90% accurate on average.


Set trips to business the same easy way on both trackers.

Mileage tracker for work

Press the big button on either tracker to enable Business Mode. When on, all of your trips are guaranteed to be logged for business. It’ll stay in this mode until you press the button again, so no need to interact with it every trip.


This button makes tracking easier for some people, while others are fine just setting up some Business Hours and Locations in their account. Whatever works for you!

Manual Mode Available

Each tracker can be set so the status of the Business Button always determines if your trip is business or personal. You can always change the trip’s status in your online account later if something was logged improperly.

Record business trips with Car Mileage Tracker

Both trackers upload to your online account.

No matter which device tracked you, each trip comes complete with an interactive Google Map showing the exact path you drove. Your driving data is stored for years, so don’t worry about losing access. Edit and create reports when it's convenient for you.

See our online mileage tracking software.


Pays for itself in one mile per day.

Both Pro and Wifi devices have just a flat tracking service fee of $0.49/day for each device. You can save more by paying every 3 or 6 months.

Mileage Ace Pros have an additional fee of $0.19/day for cell data.


Mileage Ace Wifi
69.99 $29.99

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Mileage Ace Pro
79.99 $39.89

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