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What does Lock Trips mean?

Locked trips will not be included in any reports. This is a handy setting to make sure you only print trips into a mileage report once.

The recommended way to lock trips is to check the LOCK TRIPS box when you create reports.  Only lock trips if you know you will not need to use them in another report.

Accidentally locked your trips?

If you have locked a few trips, you can manually unlock them by expanding each one in your Edit Trips and click the lock icon. If you’ve locked a large number of trips, contact support and we can unlock them for you.

Avoid locking trips by hand

We do not suggest you lock trips one by one on the Edit Trips page. It’s a very easy way to accidentally exclude trips from a mileage report – causing you to miss some miles from your deduction.

Updated on October 19, 2016

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