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Trips get set to business outside of business hours

If you are using business hours to determine when you are on business, you might still get trips outside of those hours that show up as business.  This is because you’ve only setup half of the equation.

Setup Personal Hours

Remember, the mileage tracker will always track your trip.  And those trips may fall within a Business Hours setting you created, but they may also be to locations that you have been to before.  In other words, because of your past driving history there might be some automatic signal that says “this is a business trip”.

When you add Personal hours, you are providing extra information so the mileage ace system can know what to do.

A working example

Let’s say you only want trips to be set to business if they are driven between 7:15am to 10:45am.

Business hours for business driving timeThe first step is to create a set of business hours for that time period.

You’ll set the start time to 7:15am and the end time to 10:45am.

You also need to set the Trip Type to Business.

Now the mileage ace system knows that trips during these hours should be business trips.

The only reason a trip would not be business is if you specifically drive to a location that you have marked as a Personal location.






This tells Mileage Ace when you are on business, but it does not tell the system anything about your personal driving.  In other words, while these hours are for business, you have not said that other hours are not for business.

So we need to add some Personal Hours as well (see below).  These hours are going to be before and after the business hours, and you have to make sure the Trip Type is set to Personal.

Settings for personal driving hours for automatic business trip detection
Personal hours are setup for the hours before and after our business hours.

Now that you’ve setup both the Business and Personal hours, you’ve told the Mileage Ace tracking system everything it needs to know about when you are on business.

Updated on December 6, 2016

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