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Using the buttons on the mileage tracker

For Mileage Ace Wifi

If you have a Mileage Ace Pro please see your setup manual for info.

Wondering what the buttons are used for on your Mileage Ace?  First let’s identify the names and locations of each button:

Diagram of buttons on the mileage tracker

The Business Button

Press this button to toggle into and out of Business Mode.  If on, this guarantees your trip will be logged as a business trip.  If this is blinking blue, business mode is ON.

You do not need to press this every trip.  It will stay in its current mode permanently until you press the button again.  You can turn business mode on in the morning, drive all day for business, then set turn it off again when you are on personal driving.

If you drive 100% for business, just turn it on and leave it that way forever.

What is Business Mode?

If Business Mode is on, the trip you are driving is guaranteed to be logged as a business trip, at least initially (you can always change it later on in the Edit Trips page).

If Business Mode is off, any automatic detection settings that our system knows about (Locations or Business Hours) will be used to determine the type of trip.

You can toggle the button during a trip as much as you want – the only thing that matters is the state of the button at the end of the trip.  This allows you to begin driving with the button in the wrong mode, then you can switch it if you need to at any time during the trip.

What do the colors mean?

See our article about the light colors for the mileage tracker.

Using the button to set personal trips as well

You can turn off automatic trip detection in the Automatic Business Trip Detection section of the account settings page.

This will mean if the Business Button is on, the trip is for business.  If it is off the trip is personal.

You can read more about this option here.

When to use the Business Button

This is totally up to you and mostly depends on your driving habits.  If you don’t want to do any setup ahead of time, then just use Business Button and start driving!

Think of business mode as your manual override...

For any settings you have online.  For example, if you are driving to or from a location that you have setup as a personal location, that trip will normally be set to personal by the mileage ace system.  However, if you turn on business mode that trip will be logged as a business trip instead.

In general, the questions below can lead you in the right direction about using the business button on the mileage tracker.  Do you…

Have a regular business driving schedule?

You can probably setup some Business Hours rules that will set business trip information for you.

Drive to mostly the same locations for business?

You can probably setup different Locations to capture nearly all of your business driving.

Drive to new locations at unpredictable times?

This is a good situation to use the Business Button because the Mileage Ace system won’t have information on your new locations, so those trips would not be set to business.

Mix business and personal driving?

This is a good situation to use the Business Button.

If you are driving to the same locations for business and personal reasons that is may also be a good reason to turn off automatic business trip detection so that you can manually control when you are on business and when you aren’t.

Have an unpredictable driving schedule?

The business button can be useful since Business Hours might not be able to work for you.

WPS Connect Button

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is an easy and secure way to connect your Mileage Ace to your router without any settings and password input.

Just press this button and the WPS button on your router.  The WiFi light will turn blue as your network name (SSID) and password are automatically added to your Mileage Ace.

This is not available or enabled in all routers.  Please see your router’s manual to determine whether it has WPS functionality enabled.

Audio On/Off Button

By default, your Mileage Ace will play a sound when it turns on to remind you it is in Business Mode.  It will also play this sound when you press the Business Button to turn business mode on.

Press this button to toggle that sound on or off.

This button doesn't make a sound

To see if the sound is on, turn the device into business mode by pressing the Business button.

Updated on November 5, 2017

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