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How do I enable real-time vehicle tracking?

Pro Mileage Trackers Only

If you have a wifi tracker you will need to upgrade to a Pro device before you can have a real-time vehicle tracker.

All Mileage Ace Pro mileage trackers can be enabled as real time vehicle trackers. ¬†When this setting is enabled, you can track where the vehicle is “right now” on the real-time page.

Enabling this is quite easy, here’s how:

  1. Inside your account, click your email address at the top right and choose “Manage Trackers & Vehicles”.Manage Trackers & Vehicles
  2. On the Manage Trackers page, click the settings icon for the tracker you would like to enable real-time tracking on.Settings for mileage tracker
  3. You will presented with the settings you can enable for this device.  Choose which type of updates you would like to receive for your real time mileage tracker.Real time update frequency choice
  4. Once you click “Save Changes” you will have access to real-time updates from that vehicle!


Updated on November 5, 2017

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