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How to update the firmware on your Mileage Ace Pro

Mileage Ace Pro LTE M2 Only!
Latest Firmware Date

Mar 5, 2022 — Version 4.05

How do I know if I have the latest version?

On the back label of your mileage tracker is its serial number.  All Mileage Ace Pro LTE M2 serials will begin with LTEM, followed by a number.  If your number is less than 22206001, please update your firmware.  All trackers with numbers higher than this will already have the latest version.

If you aren’t sure whether you have the latest or not, it will not hurt to update the firmware.  No trip data or settings will be lost from an update.

What you need

  • Your Mileage Ace Pro device
  • A data-capable Micro USB cable like the one included with your Mileage Ace Pro (beware, some Micro USB cables are only for charging and won’t work for this)
  • A Windows or Mac computer
  • Internet access

Instructions for Windows Computers

If you have a Mac, please click here to see the Mac update instructions.

Only install this once

Steps 1 – 2 only need to be completed once. You do not need to install the application again unless it notifies you. The latest firmware version is automatically downloaded form our server and that will be placed onto your device.

  1. Do not connect your Mileage Ace Pro device to the computer yet.  If it is connected, please disconnect before continuing.
  2. Download and run/install the Mileage Ace Pro firmware updater installer.
  3. Open the newly installed Mileage Ace Pro Updater application.  You can run this by clicking in the Windows search bar and type “Mileage Ace Pro Updater”.  It can also be found in All Applications / Mileage Ace.
  4. You MAY be prompted to Install the drivers.  If you are,  click OK.mileage tracker install driver dialog box
  5. If installing drivers, give your computer permission to install the drivers, and wait for the black window to close.  You’ll get the following message when the drivers are installed:mileage tracker drivers install completed message
  6. Connect your Mileage Ace Pro to the computer.  When connected you should see the message in the window update to say “Device found!  Please click the button below to update your firmware”.mileage tracker found message box
    It still says 'Please connect your Mileage Ace Pro'

    Disconnect your mileage tracker and restart your computer. Then open this application again and it should appear for you.

  7. Click the Update Firmware button! You’ll see the message in the window change a number of times – eventually showing a percentage counting up to 100% verified.  When it has completed, you will see the following message popup:mileage tracker firmware update complete
    Your done!  The firmware is updated and you are set to go.
    Did it update?

    The main window will still say “click the button below to update”. Don’t worry about that.If you watched the percentages go to 100% and the successful message box above appeared as shown above, your firmware was updated and you are all set to go!

Instructions for Mac

  1. Plug your Mileage Ace Pro into your computer.
  2. Click to download the mac firmware updater (it is a zip file).
  3. Navigate into the zip file contents (you will need to extract the zip file to its own folder if it didn’t do this automatically).
  4. Right-click on the file called UpdateFirmware.command and choose OPEN.
    Unidentified Developer Warning

    You can ignore this warning and click Open. If no Open option is available, please make sure you right-click on the file and choose “Open.”

    A window will open showing some text output.  You don’t need to do anything here, just let it run.
  5. When it completes you should see a line saying “Verify successful”.  The output should look like this:mac mileage tracker firmware update output
  6. That’s it!  Exit this window and put your mileage tracker back in the car.

Firmware Update failed

If you run into an issue updating your firmware, please send an email to support@mileage-ace.com including a screenshot of your screen so we can see exactly what error was reported.

Updated on March 24, 2022

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