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Recently activated Mileage Ace Pro isn’t sending data

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If you recently linked your Mileage Ace Pro to your account but the middle light is flashing red, there could a delay with the data activation by the cell provider.

Power off device for 30 minutes

This allows the provider time to get all the proper activation performed.

Take a test trip

If you haven’t used the tracker in a vehicle yet, now is the time.  Make a test trip for a mile or two, then stop and turn off the car where you should have a good cell signal.  If your car’s power port doesn’t turn off with the car, press the end trip button (upper button on the side with the arrow icon)  to end your trip.

Watch the middle light

That middle light should have been purple.  After the trip ends, it should turn blue – which means its trying to transmit data.

If this light turns GREEN your data connection is working now.  You’re all set!

If the light flashes RED there is still an issue with the data activation.

Email support so we can contact the provider

If you are still having trouble at this point then let us know by emailing support@mileage-ace.com.  We will contact the cell provider and have them reset things on their end.

You should be able to continue driving and tracking miles.  The tracker will store the logs in memory until that data connection is active, then it will transmit everything into your account.


Updated on November 22, 2017

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