The easiest, most accurate mileage tracker you will find.

The new Mileage Ace Pro incorporates all the requests and features our customers have asked for years.

It requires no technical knowledge and has zero setup or ongoing interaction. Using its own cellular data connection it communicates directly with our servers wherever you are, even while you are driving.


Built-in cell connection means it does everything on its own.

Just put it in the car and it works. Forget about ever dealing with any tech stuff.


Locate your vehicle right now.

Mileage Ace Pro is also a real time vehicle tracker. Businesses can locate employees at any given time. Individuals can use it to keep tabs on teenagers or the elderly when they are on the go.

Vehicle Speed & Position

Each vehicle can be seen on an interactive map, including the current speed, position, and status (whether the car is driving, parked, or turned off).

1 Min or 5 Min Updates

Real time tracking comes at an additional fee of $2/month for 5 min updates, or $4/month for updates every minute.


Tracking with rapid-capture GPS

Mileage Ace Pro records your position with extremely high GPS accuracy every second you are driving. Our logs are over 99% accurate to your odometer.

The leading mileage tracking apps are only 93% accurate on average. It's no wonder Mileage Ace is the mileage tracker of choice for professionals.

Leaving Cell Service?

It doesn’t matter if you are in the city, the country, or the middle of nowhere. Don’t worry about leaving cell coverage, it won’t affect your mileage log.


Set trips to business while on the go. It couldn't be easier.

Press the big button to turn on Business Mode and all your trips are guaranteed to be logged as business trips. It’ll stay in this mode until you press the button again, no need to interact with it every trip.

Easily End Trips

Press the upper side button and your current trip will end immediately. This is handy for marking extra stops where the vehicle isn't turning off.

Manual Mode Available

Each tracker can be set so the status of this button always determines whether your trip is business or personal. You can always change the trip’s status in your online account if something was logged improperly.

Predictable driving habits?

Check out our automated trip detection tools to see how you can fill trip info in automatically.

Business button on the Mileage Ace mileage tracker

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