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America's most accurate mileage tracker... for less than a cup of coffee!

Superior mileage logs are our specialty. Using rapid-capture GPS, our mileage tracker is custom designed and manufactured in the USA to be over 99% accurate to your odometer. That's over 5x more accurate and far more reliable than mileage tracking apps, resulting in a bigger deduction with better protection from auditors.

Plus, with a Mileage Ace in your vehicle you will save time and avoid errors created by apps or paper logs. All while having a log so full of details that auditors really can’t question a thing.

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"Mileage Ace has become my trusted companion. I enjoy using it and actually look forward to seeing my log!"
-James B.

Your life gets easier with our Mileage Tracker

Mileage Ace is uniquely designed to fit seamlessly into the life of busy professionals. It is automatic enough that you can trust it to be there even if you forget about it, with just enough manual options to make your log perfect from day one.

Mileage logs made easy.

The Mileage Ace system remembers literally every location you drive to. You can use this information to fill in details for any location and update information for hundreds of trips at once.

Location details include the Name, Purpose, Type (business, personal, etc) and Client. Business Hours can also be applied.

WiFi uploading from the car.

When you park within Wifi range, our mileage tracker automatically connects to your wireless network and sends the log to your online account. You just drive and forget about tracking miles - it does all of this automatically.

Wifi is not required while you are driving, only to upload your logs.

Manual options for on-the-fly settings

Just press the big button on our mileage tracker to tell us "I'm on business." It starts flashing blue and every trip you drive will get logged as business. No need to press this each trip - it stays in this mode until you press it again.

This is optional and works in conjunction with our online Locations and Business Hours. Any trip can always be changed afterward online.

Reports that protect you from auditors.

Accountants love The Mileage Ace because, unlike many mileage tracker apps that provide vague logs, our mileage logs are so detailed that auditors have difficulty questioning anything.

You'll love the grin you receive when you plop your 350 page log on your accountant's desk!

Works literally everywhere.

No cell signal? No problem!

Our stand-alone mileage tracker uses rapid-capture GPS, which comes from satellites and is available everywhere.

This is how accurate The Mileage Ace is.

You get an interactive GPS path for every trip logged by our mileage tracker.
Try zooming in to see the details.


Read more about how to use our online mileage tracking software.

Park at home, the office, or anywhere else.

Mileage Ace automatically uses Wifi to do the rest.

Upload mileage logs over wifi right form the car.


Read more about how wifi makes our mileage tracker so easy to use.

Manual buttons on our mileage tracker.

Click here to view an interactive demo of our mileage tracker.


Press this button once and every trip will be recorded as business. Press it again to turn business mode off.


Press to connect to any WPS-enabled network. No configuration needed!

It’s pretty tough for an auditor to question all these details for every single trip.

  • Start Date & Time
  • Start Address
  • End Date & Time
  • End Address
  • Purpose
  • Distance (Miles or Km)
  • GPS Path Driven
  • Client
  • Trip Duration
  • Time At Location

Check out our complete sample mileage logs.

Sample mileage logs created by the Mileage Ace mileage tracker.

Rapid-Capture GPS

Extremely Accurate.  Always Available.

Rapid-capture GPS tracking means our mileage tracker works everywhere.

As Affordable As A Mileage Tracking App
Only So Much Better!

Mileage tracking apps are notorious for inaccuracies even when they are working as designed. But If an app isn’t on, or your battery dies, or you lose cell service, or any of a hundred other things happen, they don't track you. Every time they mess up it costs you money.

Mileage Ace is a physical mileage tracker that lives in your car and has only one job: track you everywhere you drive as accurately as posisble. You can’t forget to turn it on because it’s always in the car, doing what it needs to, without requiring you to think about it. You just drive. Mileage Ace does the rest.

The most popular apps don't use GPS because it drains your phone's battery so fast. Instead they use cell towers, so they only have a vague idea of where you are. This means their mileage recordings are not accurate at all. Try comparing your odometer with an app's tracking, especially when you are in town - mileage tracking apps can be off by 20%!

Mileage Ace uses rapid-capture GPS. This means we record your exact position every second you are driving. That's why our mileage tracker is over 99% accurate to your odometer. We've even had customers use our device to verify their vehicle's odometer is working properly!

The accuracy of your mileage log matters because logs with accurate details will satisfy auditors. Vague details can make auditors ask for more evidence about a trip like, "where was this trip actually going to?" This gives you the task of tracking down where you were at that time, on that day.

Which of the following two trips look more detailed?

Sample App Detail:

Start: Green Bay, WI - 8:15 am
End: Green Bay, WI - 8:41 am
Miles: 10.4

Sample Mileage Ace Detail:

Start: 2620 Monte Carlo Ct, Green Bay WI - 8:15 am
End: 2321 S Oneida St, Green Bay WI - 8:41 am
Miles: 11.6 (with GPS map showing path)
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Salespeople
  • Construction Professionals
  • Insurance Agents & Adjusters
  • Uber & Lyft Drivers
  • Consultants
  • Handymen & Repairmen
  • And so many more!


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This mileage tracker flat out works. It's by far the easiest way to track your miles and keep a log for the IRS that I have come across. Plug it in and forget about it!

I can't say enough about how happy I am with the service.


No other GPS mileage tracker combines the ease of use of both the hardware and software like the Mileage Ace does. Between timestamps and Google Maps integration, it's pretty easy to tell what we were doing and I can quickly go through and complete my log.


I can't express how impressed am with the user friendly website layout. You can literally set up clients locations on a map and when you enter that area it automatically labels it. This device is pretty much a set it and forget it kinda' thing. I would have gladly paid $300+ for this mileage tracker.


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We understand that sometimes things don’t work out. This is why we offer a full no-questions asked refund for 30 days after your purchase, minus shipping.


Lifetime Warranty

While it’s rare, sometimes electronics have problems through no fault of your own. That’s why, if you are using our mileage tracker then we warranty it for its lifetime.


Support USA Jobs & Manufacturing

Mileage Ace is manufactured and assembled in Arizona. Your money stays in the USA and supports small business and good jobs. Read why Mileage Ace is a mileage tracker you can feel good about.


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