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Empty report when there should be trips

If you are getting a report that doesn’t have any trips, the first thing to verify is that the date range you are using actually does have some trips.

Check your trip types

If your report is only using Business trips, make sure there are business trips within your date range.  You may need to visit the edit trips page to set your trips to business.

Verify trips exist within that date range

  1. Visit the Edit Trips page.
  2. Set your date range to match the range of your report
    Mileage Log Date Range
  3. Click Update.

You should see some trips appear in the list.

Are the trips locked?

Locked trips will not be included in any reports.  If you do see trips in the date range above, see if they are locked.

Locked trips will have a medium-gray background in the trip list, rather than the usual alternating white, as shown below.  You will need to unlock these trips before they will be included in a report (see our article on locked trips).



Updated on October 19, 2016

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